December 6, 2019

Fixing Problems Installations Open edX Ficus

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What is the problem?

Ficus is a name of Open edX release which was released on February 23, 2017. It’s been quite a long time, and automatically uses old packages or packages that are still active at that time. Last September, my friends asked me to install Open edX Ficus, because it’s an old version so I tried to install it in another VM, I made a VM on the Google Cloud Platform.

My first guess, there must be a package that cannot be installed. And sure enough, the Open edX installation process failed because there were packages that couldn’t be installed. From the installation log it looks like mongoDB can’t be installed because the mongoDB repo can’t be used, Open edX Ficus uses mongoDB version 2.6, after I checked through the Support Policy MongoDB, mongoDB 2.6 End of Life in October 2016. Okey from there, I try to use mongoDB which is currently used by Open edX Ironwood (the latest version at the moment). After I replaced the version of mongoDB in Open edX installation script, I tried installing it again and Open edX installation process has no problem with the mongoDB installation.

Open edX installation process stopped again but now the error is different, failed to install bower dependencies. After checking, install bower dependencies on Ficus using the registry and it is deprecated. I solved the problem by updating the bower config, and directing registry to registry that is currently in use I tried installing it again and Open edX installation process didn’t have problems with installing bower dependencies.

After fixing the bower dependency installation problem, Open edX Ficus has been installed successfully, yeayyy.

Now I try to install Open edX theme that my friend previously made. From theme update log, it was said to be successful and after updating theme Open edX instance will be restarted, but after the Open edX instance is restarted, now Open edX cannot be accessed and only an internal server error message appears. My friend said “try to see the log”, I checked the log update again, but there were no problems.

Does this happen after the theme is updated? I’m curious, and I’m trying to make a new VM to reinstall Open edX Ficus. After Open EdX installation process in the new VM was successful, I immediately tried restarting the VM. Because I think problem in previous VM was not because after installing theme, and true, the problem in previous VM was not due to after installing theme.

After a few weeks, my friend asked that Open edX Ficus be completed on Friday. As of Friday evening, the Open edX Ficus issue had not been resolved. A few hours after the change to Saturday, luckily I recalled my friend’s message “check the log”, there I just understood my friend’s message that the checked log is not the theme update log but the Open edX instance log🤣🤣. I’m looking for location Open edX instance log on Open edX confluence site, after log file was found I tried checking Open edX instance log, apparently the problem was because it couldn’t load boto.

I have found a boto problem in the GCP environment and I have made the article here > Open edX Error Create Service Worker Users. I forgot that Google Compute Engine (GCP) defines BOTO_CONFIG=/etc/boto.cfg and forgot to delete boto file. However the BOTO_CONFIG variable does not exist in other environments such as Amazon Web Services, and Boto uses its own standards. The boto configuration specified by GCP requires a google-compute engine package.

And finally I successfully solved the Open edX Ficus problem a few minutes before the change of Friday to Saturday. yeayyy.

By the way, the updated edic Open edX Ficus repository can be found here openedx-configuration.

Thank you for reading and sorry if the language is chaotic because it is currently learning to speak English.