July 14, 2019

First Contribution to Open Source Project

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Error Get Incommon Server CA (Certificate Authority) When Installing Open edX

In the previous article or that is here, there was a quick acquaintance session with Open edX while playing with Open edX (Open edX installation). And there are also articles about errors during Open edX installation, can be seen in this article.

Besides the errors in this article, this time I found a different error which was an error in getting an Authority Certificate. In this error, fortunately I did not use much time to solve this problem.

When I was looking for a solution to this problem, in the near future (July 2019) there was someone who managed to install Open edX but there were also those who failed to install Open edX. Hmmm, when I was confused, why is that? Okay, the investigation continues 😉 It turns out that the people who succeeded in installing Open edX are those who use the tag open-release/ironwood.master, and there too I just thought the Ansible took the Authority Certificate where? After that, I check where the Authority Certificate was taken, I visit the place and it turns out that the website has an error. Ok, from here, I make sure that that is the reason, followed by checking the Ansible script on the open-release/hawthorn.master branch in the GitHub repository and it turns out that someone changed the External script, the step to get the Authority Certificate removed so that the Open edX installation process was successful and smooth.

Hmmm because I want Open edX to tag open-release/hawthorn.master, so I clone the repositories then delete the steps to get the Authority Certificate, and make a pull request to the repository edx/configuration 🤣

Just waiting for a few hours, my pull request approved after that I immediately tried the Open edX installation tag open-release/hawthorn.master, and jrengg jrengg jrengg i succeeded installs Open edX tagged open-release/hawthorn.master 🥳🥳. And the next day people who experienced the same problem as I found, had also successfully installed Open edX open-release/hawthorn.master.

Oh yeah, the error I mean can be seen on the Pastebin Ubuntu page.

By the way, this was my first contribution to the Open Source project, and the pull request at that time was immediately approved. There should be documents that need to be signed and sent to the project’s main team so that the pull request can be approved, but I don’t know why my pull request was approved.

A few months later when I made another pull request, I was immediately asked to send the document that I meant earlier, and this was the first time I also sent a document to someone overseas.

It feels good, there are small and easy things that I do but are beneficial for others.