May 7, 2021

Course Visibility Have Been Set to none But the Course Show on Index

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I’m using Open edX relase ironwood.master (installed by 2020), i can’t hide the course from all users after chage course visibility from Advanced settings in the studio.

If this is also the case with you, you can fix it by following these steps:

  1. Login to server, and edit lms.env.json in /edx/app/edxapp or lms.yml in /edx/etc if you are using Open edX release juniper or latest.

  2. Find COURSE_CATALOG_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION and change the value with see_in_catalog.

  3. Also, find COURSE_ABOUT_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION and change the value with see_about_page.

  4. Restart Open edX LMS service.