October 25, 2020

Log Open edX Not Update

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I’ve attach a new disk on my Open edX server, I move Open edX log file into a new disk and create symbolic link to /edx/var because I don’t want to make a lot of changes in configuration or hardcode of Open edX.

I moved the log files to the new disk, I did the following:

$ # Stop services
$ /edx/bin/supervisorctl stop all
$ sudo systemctl stop mongod rabbitmq-server supervisor nginx

$ # Rsync log directory to the new disk and make backup on local storage server
$ sudo rsync -avP /edx/var/log /edx/backup
$ sudo rsync -avP /edx/var/log /media-edx

$ # Remove log from edxapp
$ sudo rm -rf /edx/var/log

$ # Create symbolic link
$ sudo ln -sf /media-edx/log /edx/var

$ # Start services
$ sudo systemctl start mongod rabbitmq-server supervisor nginx

When services edX has been start, log file for lms, cms, and tracking is not update.


I’m run this command on Open edX server.

$ sudo lsof -nn -p $(pidof rsyslogd)

And find this.

rsyslogd 2502 syslog    8w   REG 202,1   104721    1824885 /edx/var/log/ecomworker/edx.log (deleted)
rsyslogd 2502 syslog    9w   REG 202,1    34915    1827893 /edx/var/log/xqueue/edx.log (deleted)
rsyslogd 2502 syslog   10w   REG 202,1    58789    1824922 /edx/var/log/lms/edx.log (deleted)
rsyslogd 2502 syslog   11w   REG 202,1     3821    1824921 /edx/var/log/insights/edx.log (deleted)
rsyslogd 2502 syslog   12w   REG 202,1   126444    1824869 /edx/var/log/cms/edx.log (deleted)
rsyslogd 2502 syslog   13w   REG 202,1    27029    1827788 /edx/var/log/tracking/tracking.log (deleted)

Restart rsyslog for reload file log path.

$ sudo systemctl restart rsyslog

When check list of open files using this command.

$ sudo lsof -nn -p $(pidof rsyslogd)

I find this.

rsyslogd 9756 syslog    8w   REG 0,40   111284  4805268258894419596 /media-edx/log/ecomworker/edx.log
rsyslogd 9756 syslog    9w   REG 0,40    45721 13793588914623709624 /media-edx/log/xqueue/edx.log
rsyslogd 9756 syslog   10w   REG 0,40   130154 17067885752292221460 /media-edx/log/cms/edx.log
rsyslogd 9756 syslog   11w   REG 0,40    77549 11746508073636907799 /media-edx/log/lms/edx.log
rsyslogd 9756 syslog   12w   REG 0,40    29150   767045182461436438 /media-edx/log/tracking/tracking.log
rsyslogd 9756 syslog   13w   REG 0,40     4155  5614057283095338575 /media-edx/log/insights/edx.log

And when i re-check log file for lms, cms, and tracking. Log file is back to normal, log file is up to update.