September 5, 2020

Allowing Learners to Claim Their Own Certificates in Open edX

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In most cases, educator want learners to be able to claim certificates for themselves on the progress page. This is just need to Enable Student-Generated Certificates.


To allowing learners to claim their own certificates, do the following steps:

  1. Login to LMS as admin or staff.

  2. On the learning site dashboard page, open one of the existing courses.

  3. On the course introduction page, click on View Course.

  4. Click Instructor, and the Certificates tab (which will only appear once certificates are set up). From there, it’s just one button to enable them.

Select ok or yes when a pop up asks if you are sure you want to activate the feature.


If the course is self-paced, you need to configure the course as instructor-paced and make sure to Enable Student-Generated certificates first, and then change the course back into self-paced.